How the best digital services from Finland are selected

In all competitions where judges are doing their work transparency is important. This post introduces briefly our way of working for Blue Arrow Awards this year.

Each category has got a main judge who alone makes the final decision about the category winner from the three category finalists.

The main judges are:

  • Mikko-Pekka Hanski – CX=UX
  • Otso Kivekäs - Societal Influence
  • Timo Ahopelto - Viable Business

Assisting judges selected the category finalists from the entries in a jury meeting on Monday January 7th. Only the finalist entries are provided to the main judges.

The assistant judges are:

  • Janne Kalliola and Lauri Svan - CX=UX
  • Mikko Evinsalo, Anne-Mari Silvast, and Ossi Syd - Societal Influence
  • Ville Kolehmainen and Lasse Leino - Viable Business

As all of the assistant judges are working in field of digital services, integrity of the decisions was a top priority. If an assistant judge had a existing relationship with the entry submitter, he or she abstained from scoring that entry.

Further, each assisting category judge group worked in isolation from others, and they saw only the works submitted on their own category - to ensure that works submitted to multiple categories have the exact possibility to be selected as a finalist in each category.

The next step in the competition is publishing the finalists on Thursday January 10th. The winners are revealed in the seminar on Tuesday January 15th.

And last - but definitely not least - the winner of the winners will be selected by the audience in the award ceremony.

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