Our mission is accomplished

The association behind Blue Arrow Awards was founded in 2015 to improve the quality of Finnish IT services. The name of the association – Better Digital Services – says exactly where we were aiming at.

Back then the situation was not good. There were a steady flow of news about failed IT projects – multiplied budgets, stretched schedules, and most importantly dissatisfied buyers and end users. A couple of projects ended up in national news as horror stories. I don’t want to reiterate them here, as it is now a distant past.

Fortunately, a lot has changed since those days. The IT project is still partially an untamed beast, hard to control and harness – but in general, they tend go way smoother. Both the buyers and the vendors have changed their ways of working, and less projects are doomed to fail at the beginning. Most of them are actually successful and radiate quality and value around them.

The public sector in Finland has been especially active in this change and launched several excellent platforms. The Finnish Tax Office won the Blue Arrow Awards a couple of years ago, and three of the five finalists in the previous awards were from the public sector. This would have been really odd a few years ago, but not anymore.

Thus, we in the association felt that there is time for everything. Our mission can be considered accomplished, so this is the time for us to say goodbye.

There will be no new rounds of Blue Arrow Awards anymore. The winners and finalists that got an award or an honorary mention, cherish your accomplishments – you changed our IT landscape for the better.

This is our message to everyone in the IT industry. Continue pushing, we are going to the right direction. We all deserve good digital services.