Epic Purchasing Award entry questions

Personal information

  • First name *
  • Last name *
  • Email *
  • Phone number *
  • Team/company name *

Additional information

  • The name of the service/product *
  • Where can the jury test the service (an URL with demo account credentials if needed) *
  • Short description of the way the purchase process was handled *
  • Short description of the way the delivery was executed *
  • How long have you been working with your vendor(s) *

Significant factors

  • What made this mode of collaboration mutually beneficial *
  • Why did the way of purchasing deliver exceptional results *
  • What made sure that the vendor(s) and customer’s best expertise harnessed *
  • How do you ensure flexible change management to the scope and the contract *
  • How easy it is for you to change the vendor(s); name the actions you would need to do in order to achieve this *
  • How do you handle the IPR related to the end results *
  • Other factors (anything that made your way of purchasing/sourcing exceptional)