Robust Code Award entry questions

Personal information

  • First name *
  • Last name *
  • Email *
  • Phone number *

Additional information

  • The name of the service or user product *
  • Name of the applicant (company + contact details) *
  • Where can the jury look at the public API to evaluate the effort (e.g. an URL with demo account credentials) *
  • Where is the documentation, public API specification, source code (e.g. an URL with demo account credentials) *
  • Describe the tech stack of the service *
  • Describe the heart of the architecture *

Significant factors

  • Why is the solution easily maintainable, robust and has potentially long life span *
  • How does the solution create the its business impact (e.g. cost savings/new business enabler) *
  • How much work is it to do a new release *
  • How many releases there is per year *
  • How many developers / contributors is there to the code base *
  • How difficult a problem is solved in the solution *
  • Other factors (such statistics on the uptime, users, user experience & such)