Societal Influence Award entry questions

Personal information

  • First name *
  • Last name *
  • Email *
  • Phone number *
  • Team/company name *

Additional information

  • The name of the service/effort *
  • Short description of the concept (this can also be a video, web page or something else that allows the jury to understand the concept) *
  • Who are the main benefactors of the service/effort *
  • Where can the jury test the service (an URL with demo account credentials if needed) *

Significant factors

  • Why does the solution make a difference *
  • How does the solution change the life of its stakeholders *
  • Where are the biggest benefits in this service: saved time, saved costs, new working places, improved quality of life, something else *
  • What are the benefits for the society *
  • Estimated quantified economic impact *
  • Other factors (such as the number of users, customer satisfaction etc.)