This year, only one product or service will receive the Blue Arrow Grand Prize. The winner will be chosen from amongst ten finalists. Additionally, honorary mentions may be awarded at the discretion of the judges.

The entries are judged by the following criteria:

  • Business results – A remarkable achievement in terms of exceeding the business goals of the service.
  • User experience – A digital service that deeply understands its users and turns that knowledge into stellar UX.
  • Innovation – A work that pushes boundaries and embraces novelty.
  • International breakthrough – A service that has succeeded in finding international recognition.
  • Societal influence – A service that has impacted society in meaningful ways.

Submitting Your Entry

The call for entries has been closed. The winners will be declared on Monday 19 May at 13pm in our live online seminar.

The entry submission is a case description, submitted via an entry form. Use your own words and screenshots to make a compelling case, but please remember that the Jury will evaluate the entries by the criteria stated above.

Common rules for entries

  • The product/service must be publicly available for evaluation
  • The product/service must have undergone significant changes between 2018-2019
  • The entry must be submitted in English, Finnish or Swedish
  • You may reuse your existing collateral as the entry, such as a case description, pitch deck or a blog
  • You may submit entry of your own business or on behalf of your customer
  • You are encouraged to promote your own entry – with your permission, Blue Arrow Awards will make it public.
  • Entry submissions cost 100€ + VAT each.

The payment instructions are shown after the submission form. Please have a credit card or other payment accepted by Eventbrite at hand, as you need to pay the fee immediately after the submission.

Entries from previous years

For inspiration, you can browse the previous entries.