The seminar and awards event will be held as a free online seminar on 19 May 2020, at 13.00-15.00.

The programme will be held in English.

The Winner

VR ticket vending machine – the modern and easy way to get your train tickets
Agency: Qvik (design), Futurice (development), Nordkapp, Fjord (brand renewal)
Client: VR

Honorary mentions

Tallink Bonus Trip Finder: a personalised experience for ​loyal customers
Agency: Qvik, Trinidad Wiseman
Client: Tallink Silja

AI01: Intelligence - World’s first whisky made with machine learning Agency: Fourkind
Client: Mackmyra Whisky

VTT – Beyond the Obvious
Agency: Exove, Fjord, Miltton, North Patrol, Oikio
Client: VTT – täyden sadan pisteen saavutettava koko kansan verkkopalvelu
Agency: Wunder
Client: Liikenne- ja viestintävirasto Traficom

Seminar Stream

The seminar can be viewed in YouTube: Blue Arrow – Seminar and Awards.


13:00From the 80s to Today – How Should Software Engineering Move Forward? Jukka Manner, Professor/Aalto University Networking Technology

The talk discusses the evolution of software engineering from the 80s until today and raises the issue of where this development has lead, and how software engineering should change when moving forward.

13:30Beyond the buzzwords. Holistic view on technology adoption in international ventures. Michael Samarin, VP, Head of Software Development/Futurice

Every day, decision-makers in all industries are bombarded with new IT initiatives, news articles and international studies featuring a continuous stream of buzzwords. If you want to get to the bottom of what it all means in practice, join our seminar talk. We’ll look at what Data, AI and DevOps can do for your products and services. At Futurice we work with international and Nordic clients for many years and we see how small steps and a holistic approach create real impact. You can do the same.

14:00What Can Finnish Companies Learn From International Ventures? Sampo Pasanen, Managing Director/Reaktor Finland

Finland has an extremely competitive talent pool when it comes to technology expertise. What can we learn from large international companies and their mindset in succeeding with digital services? What can previous successes and failures teach us about the ways we should approach international aspirations in the future?

14:30Award Ceremony