And the finalists are…

Obviously this year is an exceptional one due to the Corona outbreak and the only choice to be made was to hold the seminar and gala remotely. We in the board of Better Digital Services ry were extremely happy to see that despite the current situation there were really high quality submissions to the race of “Best Digital Service”.

The entries are judged by the following criteria:

  • Business results – A remarkable achievement in terms of exceeding the business goals of the service.
  • User experience – A digital service that deeply understands its users and turns that knowledge into stellar UX.
  • Innovation – A work that pushes boundaries and embraces novelty.
  • International breakthrough – A service that has succeeded in finding international recognition.
  • Societal Influence – A service that has impacted society in relevant ways.
  • Our jury consists of some of the top talents in the field and will present one Grand Prize and a handful of honorary mentions at a prestigious award ceremony.

The panel consisted of people from different organizations in the field of digital technology and services. If a panelist had a personal relationship to any of the submissions, they would refrain from judging that particular entry.

The panel of judges was extremely impressed by the high quality, innovativeness and insight these entries showed.

The finalists in no particular order are the following.

VTT – Beyond the Obvious

VTT renewed its website to better meet customer demand. The goal of the project was to communicate the VTT vision and how VTT’s research and technology solutions can enable the growth of companies and societies. It was important to convey VTTs unique ability to turn their research outcomes into unparalleled practical solutions for their customers. VTT wanted to make their website more user centered and identify what the user is interested in and then collect relevant information for them organized either by customer industry, by current topic or by research expertise.

Tallink Bonus Trip Finder: a personalised experience for ​loyal customers

Tallink created an app for customers to find and book a bonus trip. The aim was to create a system that triggers people at the right time, in the right channel with the right kind of message and makes it very easy to book a trip with your bonus points, that could be a way to earn a lot through increased onboard sales.

AI01: Intelligence - World’s first whisky made with machine learning

Mackmyra Whisky created a system to make the world’s first whisky recipe with machine learning and to show the way forward on how machines can be used to make complex consumer products. They used previous recipe data, tasting notes, ratings of previous recipes, expert reviews, customer reviews and cask information - internal ratings, cask types, filling stages, volumes and alcohol levels to make their machine learning model understand what’s Mackmyra whisky. And then created a framework that was able to create new whiskeys.

VR ticket vending machine – the modern and easy way to get your train tickets

VR renewed their aging ticket vending machines with a modern solution that better meets customer requirements and business needs. This was connected to the larger-scale development of moving ticket sales into self-service channels. – full hundred points accessible service for everyone

Traficom (The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency) is an authority in permit, licence, registration, approval, safety and security matters. They created the new webservice for their new Traficom agency that is both accessible and effectively forwards the customer to correct content thus decreasing the amount of customer service requests.

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