This year’s contestants for the Societal Influence category

The Societal Influence category awards a digital effort that has improved the lives of citizens or made the whole society more efficient. It is a digital phenomenon that has transformed our everyday life, saved or prolonged our lives or made the whole community run smoother.

We award this prize to a Service that has significantly impacted the everyday life of people. The judges of this category are evaluating the submissions based on these things:

• Positive impact on the everyday life of a single person or a group
• Merges gaps between cultures, socio-economic groups, factions or beliefs
• Promotes accessibility in society
• Enhances fairness, equal opportunity or equality for minorities

We are happy to announce that the Societal Influence Award -category got in total 9 submission. We in the judges team are amazed by how many different apps and services there are in Finland that are helping the society in a big way. Here is a short summary of all the submission entrees (the ones that gave us permission to publish information about them) from this year.

Here they are:

Is a democratic service for all citizens of Finland. It provides an easier way to take a stand and initiatives in societal issues. Before the online service all the political initiatives had to be done on paper. The service enables a more active political engagement for citizens by giving citizens a way to start public law initiatives on the website. Visit kansalaisaloite website here.

Is a service for people who are interested in volunteer work. It’s a clever way to let volunteers find work and for the projects to find volunteers. You can basically join any kind of volunteer work from helping the elderly to coaching young adults to knitting socks to the Finland 100 years’ celebration. Visit the Hiiop website here.

A similar service to Hiiop. It also gathers volunteer work or as they call them “pro bono projects” into one place online. With the help of the service companies, students and institutions can come together to build a digital service meant to help the society in some way. Visit the website here.

This service is a tool for young children to learn languages in a fun way. Moomin Language School educates children of the joy of learning new languages in a game format. By learning new languages in an early age they also develop their creativity, memory, mathematical thinking and social skills. Visit the website here.
Lääkä is a web service helping consumers find, compare and book healthcare services. With this service people can check and compare the prices for doctors, vets and dentists. By presenting the net cost with all hidden and added fees included the service helps citizens in choosing the right doctor’s appointment. Citizens will need data to base their decisions on due to upcoming reform of social and health care services in Finland effective from year 2019 onwards. Visit the website here.

Fair disrupts the insurance world with a groundbreaking, sharing economy -based crowdsurance service. Fair is making insurances possible for people without having to deal with insurance companies. The compensation (for the broken article) is collected only when the damage has happened. In the service users can vote for which cases are refundable and valid for the insurance and which are not. Visit the website here.

Chabla is an app made for the hearing disabled. It helps people who are hearing disabled to get service in sign language where ever they go. The interpreter is only a phone call away. Chabla app is a personal tool that you can use without middle-men or anyone controlling. Visit the website Chabla here.

There you go! I wish the best of luck for all the contestants! See you at the gala! 🙂

The finalists for all the categories in Blue Arrow Awards will be announced on the 3rd of May. The judges of this category are: Mika Helenius, Björn Heselius, Niko Ryytty, Jasmin Åbacka, Samuli Savolainen, Omid Hezaveh and Frank Martela.

We can’t wait!

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